Transition season

Turtleneck - Zara
Jeans - Banana Republic
Hat - Topshop
Bag - Vintage, via Purses for Nurses (shop it for a good cause!)


Four seasons in a year, but the in-between times feel like seasons in themselves.  One day you're super warm, another you're freezing-  how can you call the beginning of spring actual "spring" when temps rival most of the most recent winter's coldest days?

This is why it can be so tricky to style outfits during these transitional times.  How many times have you chosen an outfit based on what you feel the weather should feel like, only to step outside and realize you look ridiculously over or underdressed? Not an enjoyable feeling to be that inappropriately dressed person for the rest of the day!

This is why one of the key tricks during this time is, and always will be: layers.  Layer well and accessorize smart.  Hats, scarves, pashminas, vests- will keep you warm but can easily be removed or tucked into your bag if things warm up.  Coats like a trench or leather jacket are warm enough for most transitional season times, but not too much for when the sun rises temps at its peak.

Let's talk about the bag for a minute.  Vintage, suede.  And...proceeds to a good cause (Purses for Nurses, check the site!).  Because of this, it's a steal.  Is there really anything else to know? Grab it, because you know vintage means one-of-a-kind! Gone...will mean gone forever.

Do you have any go-to transitional style tricks?

Photos by Dennis Christians