Upper West Stroll

Top - American Apparel
Skirt - Zara
Clutch - Vintage, available here
Boots - Sam Edelman


The A-line skirt

One of the many retro trends that are making a comeback this spring, the a-line is easy and fun.  Much more comfortable and forgiving that the pencil skirt trend that's happening right now, it works on many body types.  Accentuation of shape is benefit to the curve-lacking ladies, while the same silhouette hides the hips.   The trick is to keep the top fitted, and let the waist-cinching silhouette do the work.  You can wear a chunkier sweater if you like, but remember if you do that, to keep the proportions balanced and wear it with a skirt with a shorter length.  If I wore this longer skirt with a sweater, you wouldn't be able to find me :)
Check out many more variations and styles here for ideas on how to wear it.

PS- I caved and got myself some Kylie Lip Kits today.  Anyone else?  Will be reviewing that when it comes in!