Why This Apartment-Style Hotel is the Way to Go for Group Trips in New Orleans

I’m back from New Orleans- what a trip we had.

Despite minor unexpected occurrences (a certain tropical storm/hurricane named Barry), we managed to have our share of fun. Honing our storm prep skills was just an added bonus.  

We were a group of 6 gals planning a trip to NOLA, and we needed a place that would accommodate our group (and all of our outfits). In comes Domio Baronne St - the first apartment-style hotel to exist in New Orleans. The moment we saw the creative decor and plentiful perks, our interest was piqued.
The experience more-than-exceeded our expectations.

Scroll below to read on about their 24-hour concierge, spacious interiors, and smart design. And, if you’ve already seen the details from my Instagram posts, you can just scroll to the bottom for a 33%-off 3-Year Anniversary code


When I travel, I tend spend the majority of my time outside exploring. Still, I value a clean, comfortable, & open space. A kitchen area is a great amenity for days I don’t feel like going out to eat & spending on big dinners.


This was the 2-bedroom apartment that Jenna and I shared.  The big windows give the apartment plenty of natural light, and we loved the exposed brick (NYC living goals, anyone?). More apartment goals to be had: walk-in closets and in-unit washer & dryer.


The living area was ideal for mornings spent sipping our Keurig coffee and working on our laptops, as well as the kitchen island, which by the way had outlets underneath the counter - a small detail that made a big difference. 


Admittedly, we’d follow the smell of bacon in the mornings and hop over to the next-door apartment where Gita, Megan, Tracy and Jackie were staying. Breakfast was getting cooked, and we’d all throw our own bread in the toaster while getting ready.

We actually booked this trip without even considering the fact that there might have been a storm coming.  While it really didn’t end up being so bad, (thanks media-hype), we did take precautions and stay inside during the window of expected storm arrival. 

This experience made me appreciate the apartment-style layout that much more - as with any travel, the unexpected is always a possibility. We stocked up on groceries, booze, and games, and cooked ourselves some simple “family dinners” (and saved money while we were at it).

There’s also the option to escape to the game-room/lounge with pool table, thegym, or the amazing rooftop pool.  

As far as the location, most things were a 5 minute Uber ride away, and it close to the French Quarter but out of the center enough that the area was peaceful and not overrun with tourists. 

Megan working away

Megan working away

Thankfully, storm did not affect the entirety of our trip, but when we were in the situation, Domio was super thoughtful about our needs. They came around with a HUGE bin full of goodies one afternoon- an assortment trail mix snacks, granola bars, luggage tags, cool pins, box water- it a great personal touch that was very much appreciated.  

I’m excited to share a code to celebrate their 3-year Anniversary: DOMIO3 for 33% off your stay.
It’s only good until August 2nd at 11:59pm ET*, so I would book immediately if I were you. 

Valid for travel through 12/15/19* 


Water signs


Water signs 🌊

Let’s talk about putting yourself in a box. You might be wondering about my style; two days ago I was a tailored, street-hopping prepster and today I’m cooling off in a bodysuit and thigh-high boots in a tub.

In a time when we are so pressured to define ourselves: “What’s your style? What do you do? Define your brand?”... We become consumed with fitting into that box that we’ve carefully built and curated for ourselves. 📦

It took SO much work to figure that out (you’ve figured out your tagline, your @instagram bio, your wardrobe, your possé) that you’ve literally created your own boundaries and don’t want to stray from them.

So what if you veer off? It’s ok. 

People will still recognize you. 

Friends won’t leave you (and if they do they weren’t worth your time). .

Better yet, you’re unpredictable. Yes, you do have to first know who you are, but for all of us, that’s an ongoing work in progress. 

Keep your core values intact and the rest will follow.

For me personally, I love to explore options and push boundaries. Sure I’m a water sign, if you’re into that sort of thing, but did you know that 60% of our bodies are composed of water? We are all made from an element that takes multiple forms and can change every second. 

When was the last time you ventured from your comfort zone? 💦

Photos by Gaby Deimeke

Hair Jalia Johnson 

MUA Raven Dee

Creative direction, styling, & editing by me