Top - Calypso St. Barth
Jeans - Iro
Shoes - Zara
Bag - Dagne Dover

 It was about that time: color change time.  Just as many girls feel like a new person when they get a cut or blowout, for me, it's a change in hair color.  I love that it's another way for me to express my style and to get creative.  It changes the look of an outfit and how I might accessorize.  I do not plan outfits around my hair, but I do ensure that the colors don't clash. 

In this case, the pops-of-color turned out to match because I tend to gravitate towards blue.  Strangely enough, I've noticed it's more in my accessories than my actual clothing.  I'm not sure what that means, but if you couldn't tell, I love me some of those cerulean shades (side note: that was my favorite crayon color as a child.  Wait, I think it still is).  

This top makes me feel free and girly, with its beautiful eyelet detail and voluminosity.  Between the top and the shoes (one of my favorite pairs), I had to bring the fancy down a couple of notches for a daytime-appropriate look, so I matched it with boyfriend jeans. 

Do you ever base your outfits off of your childhood favorite crayon color?  Tell me in the comments, and also name your color!



Photos by Dennis Christians

City Vibes

Pink Overalls - Layana Aguilar
Shoes - Gola
Bag - Angela Roi


You all know how much I love jumpers and overalls.  The instance and ease of styling them.  I'm loving the quilting pattern on this pair by Layana Aguilar.  Sleek, chic, and easy to move in... I was a bit worried about these in the heat - you wouldn't think quilting + summer, but the wide leg shape of the pants actually made for plenty of ventilation on a hot summer day - with the additional advantage of freedom to navigate easily around city tourist crowds at the peak of the season (at a power-walking-New-York pace...guilty). 
It's hot, I'm lazy.  All I had to do was pull this over my CK sports bra.  Voilà.  Thank you.

I'm trying to prep for this holiday weekend by increasing my intake of juices and veggies, which I what I tend to crave in this heat anyway.  But at night when it gets cool, I break down and crave pizza and carbs.  Whoops.  Ain't easy! 
Though I just returned from vacation, I'm quite ready to take a long weekend away from this steamy city. 

What are your weekend plans?

By the way, you may have seen on my Instagram feed that my hair is a new color now.  I will share that in my next post.  Stay cool!


Photos by Dennis Christians