New York
New York


En Pointe

Sabrina Poon


The sun beams into my window
My heart is lifted
Body elevates
I go up on relevé
Could stay here all day


Passion Rekindled

I apologize for being a bit M.I.A. lately, I was consumed with the events of this past weekend involving my other passion - dance.  I grew up dancing, since I was a little girl, and continued through school to my adulthood.  However, after I graduated college, life got in the way, and even though I still took classes, I had stopped performing. 
Well, 8 weeks ago, an opportunity presented itself, and I jumped on it.  My old love of not only being on stage, but the entire journey of preparing for a show, was rekindled.  It was a familiar feeling of bliss that came right back to me, and I ended up very happy that I had set aside a bit of the already-limited time in my life to commit to it.  Since this blog is about personal style, I figured I'd segway back into my first post-show outfit with my two loves combined together. 

The body suit is a beautiful piece from H&M (!) with twist-knot detail, in a rich, jewel-tone green (similar here, here, and here).  I did not have a tutu on hand, as I am by no means a professional ballerina, so I made myself a wrap skirt with some chiffon I bought at the fabric store and a  pink sash to tie it around with. 
While the bodysuit is clearly shown here to be perfect for a dance class, for everyday wear I love it with a pair of casual boyfriend jeans and a soft cardigan, to contrast its sophisticated, elegant feel and fit.

Never give up on the things you are passionate about and have seemingly lost the time to do.  Room can always be made if you want it enough, and you should do it before life passes you by.
Do you have old passions you often think about rekindling?  Please share, and better yet, let me know how you plan on rekindling.




Prints & Pleats

Sabrina Poon

Top - Tantuvi//Pants - Priory of Ten//Bag - vintage

Loving this top from Tantuvi.  A cool colorblock and print pattern that I can wear over and over in this steamy weather.  You know I am all about lightweight and comfort during the summer while staying stylish.  Same goes for these pants, which are so great for the office and still make the cut for dinner and drinks afterwards.  I fell for the pleats, because I feel like it's hard to find a good pant that's versatile but not boring.  And when I put them on, I loved them even more.  I wore this outfit with simple pumps and this amazing vintage bag.  

You can also shop this exact look on the Creamstyle app.  Download the app for free here and the pants are just a click away, it can't get any easier! Not only can you shop my looks directly, you can check out other bloggers looks too for style inspiration.