New Jewels: Rocksbox

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
Today I'm sharing a new way of accessory-hunting, courtesy of Rocksbox.  Truth be told, I'm not the greatest when it comes to shopping ahead for accessories.  Oftentimes I'll make an outfit, and realize after the fact that I don't have the right accessories to go with it, or that an extra piece is needed to keep the outfit from looking too bare.  So when I heard about Rocksbox, the concept sounded perfect for me. 

It's a monthly selection of pieces sent to you, tailored specially to your personal style with the help of Rocksbox stylists.  When you receive the items in the mail, you get to trial them for as long as you like, then swap them out for new pieces anytime you want! If they picked pieces that you love, you can purchase them at the insider price.  Plus they give you $10 of "shine spend" to use towards a purchase each month. 

How easy is that? 

Confession: I'm a bit of a commitment-phobe.  

Luckily for me, and anyone else with the same condition, you can opt out at any time, no strings attached.  That said, I'm loving my new goods so much that I'm not quite so concerned about that phobia anymore.  

Ps.  Reversible necklace.  Love.

Here's the best part.  Sign up with my code stylophylexoxo and you get your first month free.  Is that sweet or what? Go forth and accessorize yourselves!

Have a fab Tuesday! 

Time for an escape...

Dress - Haute Hippie
Shoes - Delman

I'm loving these warmer days, but the back and forth of sun to clouds to heavier jacket-requiring climate is such a tease.  I think it's perfect time to sneak away for a long weekend and enjoy some time on a quiet island.  Uniform of choice? Long, flowy, light dresses that let the ocean breeze flow through leave the humidity as a passing thought.  

Photos by Tony Yang

Put Some Swing in Your Step

Coat - Zara//Sweater - H&M
Trousers - Tibi
Bag - H&M//Earcuff - NastyGal

A little flashback to NYFW.  I did some colorblocking with my rose-pink coat and pops-of-coral, a color scheme that carries well into spring.  This little fringe bag has been bringing me everywhere, such a fun trend.  I've played with fringe before, and I always love the way it adds movement to every step.  
Swing, swish, sway. 
The fashionable form of amusement was a steal from H&M, and in black, it's a versatile way to sneak some fun into virtually any outfit.  Almost too easy.
Anyone else  feel like skipping and spinning in circles when they put fringe on?  If I'm the only one, I'm still OK with it.  Because that's the effect it has on me. 

Afternoon Shine


Embellished vest - Haute Hippie
Leather pants - Asos//Bodysuit - H&M
Hat - NastyGal

 What I wore under that big coat during fashion week.  I'm in love with this embellished vest.  The way it catches the afternoon light... I had to take advantage of it with the bit of downtime we had after one of the shows at this loft studio.  The ring is handmade by my talented friend Linda Lee.  She's extremely skilled with handcrafting and details.  The secret to pulling off glimmering accessories such as these- is always keeping the rest of the outfit simple and uncomplicated.  And all black never fails.