Pupil in the Ward


Camisole with scarf: Zara
Vest & Shorts: Pamplemousse
Shoes: Zara

She left during recess.  She always wore a scarf around her neck, perhaps to hide secrets.  
Seemingly quiet, tame even.  
Do not assume, do not underestimate.  
Untied but forever tangled, sits quietly in the ward.


A boyish silhouette and menswear inspired flats featuring touches of femininity with neck tie
& skirt-like shorts.  
The vest is by Pamplemousse and it was the perfect amount cool, sexy, spunk that I wanted to add to the outfit.  Pamplemousse is a NYC based brand by designer Danica Zheng whose SS16 collection I was very impressed with when I saw it in September at New York Fashion Week.  She somehow manages to portray super-sexy without being overt- in a cool-girl way, in subtle details and unexpected twists.  Check out her site- you'll see exactly what I mean.

Sans vest, this outfit is totally wearable, of course for a spring climate.  Want to wear it now? I am always a fan of layering tights underneath shorts to make it winter appropriate.  

PS - These Zara shoes are blue-er in person and really awesome.  I love my Zara finds!


Photos by Greg Routt

Tied Up

I wore this to brunch

A crop top was involved  

What I ate was my business.

So I tucked it neatly under my sweater

Cool girl casual-chic? 

Or sly foodie in disguise? 

Doesn't matter,

Play it cool  

Knot at the waist

& No one's the wiser


#f u n c t i o n a l t r e n d s 

New series: Styledby

As promised, I am introducing a new series to this page called Styledby.  It will feature high fashion & editorial looks styled by yours truly.  I wanted to do this because I know of so many amazing designers out there that deserve to be shared, and I want people to see how amazing their work is, since they may not receive as much deserved attention as other established and prominent designers.  The fashion world is tough, and oftentimes, seeing success and harvesting the fruits of your labor requires the perfect combination of timing, place, and people.  Some designers wait a lifetime for this.

 This section of my blog will be a platform for those designers whose aesthetics resonate with me and my personal style, but have many amazing pieces that may look better as part of an editorial look.  At the same time, I will re-work some pieces and show you how to take something from runway-to-real way -- because both are equally beautiful in their own ways.


First up: Jordan Alexandra

This RTW brand is manufactured right here in the heart of the garment district.  Jordan Saenz is no stranger to the ins and outs of the industry, having worked under the direction of Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta and Betsey Johnson.  Together with her sister Jennifer Pawloski, the duo has worked to create pieces that give a new meaning to feminine chic.

Clothing: Jordan Alexandra
Shoes: Zara

As you can see, this brand embodies innovative modern luxury.  The craftsmanship is unflawed and the collections demonstrate clean lines accented by edgy details. 

I particularly love the tailored separates that are fun to mix and match.  As you can see on my model, this button down and pants are a great set together, menswear inspired yet completely flattering to the female body, and perfectly on trend.  It doesn't hurt that the material is a gorgeous silk cashmere.  This coat is also one of my favorite pieces of theirs- show me something sophisticated with edgy details and say no more, I want to make it mine.  

I completed this look with super cool black ankle boots, with a sexy yet tough platform sole.  When you wear clothes that clearly speak for themselves, always keep the accessories and shoes simple and easy.  This pair is from Zara and I really love them, but I've added more similar and affordable options that I love equally below.

More looks to come, please let me know what you think. x


Photos by Greg Routt

New Year, New Looks, and how you can rock it in 2016

Hello all, happy 2016!

I've got a lot of new projects coming up that I can't wait to share.  2016 started looking good before it even arrived, and now here it is!  How was everyone's year?  I'm so grateful for a wonderful year of life experiences and amazing people.   In the year ahead, I'm looking forward to more new experiences, travels to new places, meeting new people, and introducing everything in between here on the blog.  

To start, I want to share this dress designed by Minika Ko.  Minika shared her designs with me a couple of weeks ago, and I loved her work.  One of my favorite pieces of hers was this metallic gold goddess dress.  It was draped from just one piece of fabric, and sewn at the side with just one seam.  How cool is that?  



The dress is like wearing liquid gold.  Luxurious, sexy, and not for the faint of heart.  Its fluid draping falls in all the right places, with a surprise baring of skin in the back.
Of course, this is a dress for a special occasion - like a celebrating new year.  The key to pulling off a dress like this? Already believing you can rock it.  When talking about certain looks or styles they love, many people tell me they "couldn't" - whether it's the dress, the hair, or a certain makeup look.  My response to that is always: you never know until you try! Perhaps you can't wear an exact look someone else is wearing for whatever reasons, but why not try tweaking it a bit? Tailor the idea to your body shape, face, or skin tone.  Shortening the hem a couple of inches, adding a belt, choosing a hair color a couple of shades darker - there are many ways to make it work!  One of my goals this year is to help more people with these obstacles and to share advice in order to get you to pull it off.  Stay tuned, and please share in the comments about some tricky style issues you'd like me to write about!

Here's to the new year!

Photos by Lucas Huang