Back to life

Hello, friends!  I know I've disappeared off the radar for quite a bit, and I've got some explaining to do.  While a very personal part of my life had much to do with it, I feel that since it has affected my blog posts or lack thereof, I want to share with you a bit of it.

I recently experienced a loss in my family, my grandmother, and it was the first time I've been through something like this with a very close loved one.  For those of you who know about my 9-5 (er, 7a-7p) job, being a nurse has played a very large role in how I take care of family.  The ailment she had was going on for quite a while, and we certainly battled it with a good fight.  In the middle of this past fashion week, it was time for the fight to come to a close. 

I could go on about the thoughts and realizations that occurred to me as I've gone through this experience, but that's not a conversation for this time.  All I shall say here is that, while my profession has shaped me in ways that were certainly beneficial in the whole process, there's nothing that truly prepares you for the transition from this life into the next, nor is there any kind of warning about when you should be ready.  Do what you love now, say what matters, dress how you feel now! No, really.  It may sound superficial in the context of the topic, but how you dress is part of your self expression, and part of why I love this blog.  I strongly believe no one should hold back any form in which they want to express themselves, one of which is personal style.  Find yourself and take it away, 100%.  If you have trouble, call me- that's why I'm here, I love to help.

With my return I share a look I wore during fashion week- which, with this crazy weather-  is not quite spring-appropriate, but who knows when it takes another turn for the cold  (I know, I'm sorry, I'm just trying to be prepared).  Streetstyle at the shows has been seeing colored furs/faux everywhere, and I'm loving it.  If you remember, I did this last season, more than once, but now the look is more prevalent than ever amongst the stylish show-goers.  Combining a trend that is functionally warm, while bright, eye-catching, and colorful? I'm all in. 

Oh, FYI, I do not own this coat.  As much as I love it, the original cost ($995) is out of my budget.  It was actually borrowed from StyleLend.  Still available for rent at $65.  Amazing or no? They have tons more, it's an online dream closet.  Check it out now.  And see below for my code so you can get $10 off ;)
I've also listed some very cool and affordable alternatives below (all of which I want, and some of which I may still get, honestly).

[This was one of those frigid single-digit days.  If my coat weren't super warm, I would not look this happy] 

Coat - Shrimps (via StyleLend) 
[Though if you want to own it, it's also available for half-off its original price now here]

*StyleLend code* SABRP4E381

Let me know if you rent something, would love to hear about it! 

Enjoy xx more updates to come