Pupil in the Ward


Camisole with scarf: Zara
Vest & Shorts: Pamplemousse
Shoes: Zara

She left during recess.  She always wore a scarf around her neck, perhaps to hide secrets.  
Seemingly quiet, tame even.  
Do not assume, do not underestimate.  
Untied but forever tangled, sits quietly in the ward.


A boyish silhouette and menswear inspired flats featuring touches of femininity with neck tie
& skirt-like shorts.  
The vest is by Pamplemousse and it was the perfect amount cool, sexy, spunk that I wanted to add to the outfit.  Pamplemousse is a NYC based brand by designer Danica Zheng whose SS16 collection I was very impressed with when I saw it in September at New York Fashion Week.  She somehow manages to portray super-sexy without being overt- in a cool-girl way, in subtle details and unexpected twists.  Check out her site- you'll see exactly what I mean.

Sans vest, this outfit is totally wearable, of course for a spring climate.  Want to wear it now? I am always a fan of layering tights underneath shorts to make it winter appropriate.  

PS - These Zara shoes are blue-er in person and really awesome.  I love my Zara finds!


Photos by Greg Routt