Wrapped up


Sleeve - Dusica Dusica

Skirt - Asos


Wrap yourself around me  

Security in your embrace 

Warmth like a favorite pillow

 Love like home


This sleeve feels like a hug.  Of course, one does not initially seek it out for its functionality or comfort.  I came upon it during my occasional perusal of racks at Dusica Dusica.  Dusica designs the type of clothing I love: innovative, creative, architectural and often multifunctional. 

I'll be wearing this sleeve layered over something else most of the time, to evening events or to any sort of art function where her design can really be appreciated.  And yes, it is not for the faint of heart.  But it's a damn good accessory that I'm in love with :)

Do visit out her store in SoHo if you are in New York.  If not, check it out online.  I can guarantee you personally that her materials are high quality - she produces at her factory in Milan.  And she is as lovely- and cool- in person as her clothes are.


Photos by Aleksander Karjaka

Styling & Makeup by me