Water signs


Water signs 🌊

Let’s talk about putting yourself in a box. You might be wondering about my style; two days ago I was a tailored, street-hopping prepster and today I’m cooling off in a bodysuit and thigh-high boots in a tub.

In a time when we are so pressured to define ourselves: “What’s your style? What do you do? Define your brand?”... We become consumed with fitting into that box that we’ve carefully built and curated for ourselves. 📦

It took SO much work to figure that out (you’ve figured out your tagline, your @instagram bio, your wardrobe, your possé) that you’ve literally created your own boundaries and don’t want to stray from them.

So what if you veer off? It’s ok. 

People will still recognize you. 

Friends won’t leave you (and if they do they weren’t worth your time). .

Better yet, you’re unpredictable. Yes, you do have to first know who you are, but for all of us, that’s an ongoing work in progress. 

Keep your core values intact and the rest will follow.

For me personally, I love to explore options and push boundaries. Sure I’m a water sign, if you’re into that sort of thing, but did you know that 60% of our bodies are composed of water? We are all made from an element that takes multiple forms and can change every second. 

When was the last time you ventured from your comfort zone? 💦

Photos by Gaby Deimeke

Hair Jalia Johnson 

MUA Raven Dee

Creative direction, styling, & editing by me