The Acceleration of Trends

How do you feel about fashion trends these days? Do they inspire and excite you? 

I fall in and out of love with trends so quickly now because once I’ve seen something cool and new, it gets regrammed again 1 million times within the span of 24 hours... and suddenly it’s not new anymore I’m already over it.


This is why classics never fail. 

But I still love a good trend which is why I chose to purchase a variation of it instead.

I found this hair clip in a little family owned shop up in Great Barrington, MA called Church Street Trading and I love it.

I think it’s good to find variations on trends so that we all don’t look the same, as much as I do love those pearl hair clips.

What do you think? 


The top is from the fabulous Lornaluxe’s collection with In The Style. I love the way her collection came out, so I was happy to purchase and support another blogger who’s been one of my favorite girl bosses for a long time. Check her blog out here.


Top - Lornaluxe x In The Style 

Jeans - Love Bonito 

Shoes - Zara