Sleepless in New York


Kimono & pant set - Zara
Shoes - Kathryn Amberleigh
Sunglasses - Sojos

Your grandmother might have gasped at the thought of you intentionally wearing your sleep attire out in the streets, but that's what the cool kids are doing these days.  Ironically enough, I had several likely-grandmothers (and grandfathers) walk by me this day and compliment me on this outfit.  I guess they approve then.  Honestly I think it just goes to show that if you properly put yourself together, groom your hair and face with care, and carry yourself confidently, the rest will work seamlessly.  The same goes for the athleisure clothing trend and explains why some people pull off a pair of plain sweatpants much more chicly than others. 

I found this set at Zara while I happened to be accompanying a friend who was on a search for a couple of items (of course I always find the best stuff when I'm not looking for anything in particular/trying not to spend).  

There's just something very subtly sexy about wearing the day-pajama look out in the streets.  It's not quite come-hither as a lacy silk cami, but rather an understated implication of rebellion; an elicitation of what otherwise would stay intimate.  A loungewear set is something typically worn in your bedroom or elsewhere in the privacy of your own home when you let loose, relax and let your guard down.  Like: I kinda rolled-outta-bed and didn't try that hard- but did brush my hair- vibe.  By bringing this out into the streets, it is a conscious decision made, knowing heads will turn- or tilt- a bit, all while remaining physically and mentally comfortable with how you chose to present yourself.  Seriously comfortable.

Oh, and velvet heels because why not wear an elevated version of lounge slippers and complete the look?

Worth a try, no?



Photos by Dennis Christians