Eye Spy


Jacket - Nicole Miller
Shirt - Zara
Boots - Zara

I'd like to take a minute to appreciate and share about this incredible leather jacket.  I first made eye contact (haa....sorry) with it at the Nicole Miller showroom... and it was hard to stop looking.  After a bit of interrogation, I found out that it is one-of-a-kind, meaning you won't be able to find this in any stores.  But if you do really want to get your hands on it, you can check out the Jeffrey Fashion Cares event on April 3rd where they will be auctioning the jacket off in order to raise money to support the LGBT community.  I was certainly sad to hear that this was the only jacket made, but do check out their amazing "Artelier" jacket which I also fell in love with when I saw it up close (leather quality and stitching is impeccable).  

Since embellished jackets are such a big trend right now, I've additionally listed several (seriously amazing) on-trend options below, with both real and faux leather options and at some really great price points.  These are so much fun for the spring and will carry you through 'til fall, so it's hard not to justify a purchase like this.  

Happy Friday!

Photos by Amra Beganovich