Winter Florals


Dress - Yumi Kim

Who says you can't wear florals in the winter?

There are certain rules we hear about in fashion, and people still ask me about them.  But really, they don't apply anymore.  And that's not just the risk-taker in me speaking.  While some "rules" are based on legitimate mathematics of proportions and aesthetic perception, others like "no white after labor day", or "florals are for spring" - are outdated and overruled.


This week I took an intensive aromatherapy certification course.  In my nursing work, I have an affinity for the holistic treatment of patients.  What is holistic nursing?  Without getting too scientific here, it's treating the person as a whole; not just physically but emotionally as well.  You came in with a stomach ache?  As many meds as the doctor may subscribe, the problem may never be solved until someone realizes that the root cause was emotional. 

Aromatherapy is one of the ways to treat a person holistically.
And perhaps because I took a course based on treatment based on beautiful smelling botanicals, I'm in a floral mood.

This winter, try wearing a floral maxi.  I absolutely love the feeling of putting on a flowy maxi dress and feeling like I'm floating.  It's got sleeves, so the weather-appropriate aspect is covered.
Much like aromas, what you wear on your body can impact your feelings that day.  Why not influence your day with some florals.  

Who else is so ready for the new year?




Photos by Felipe Espinal  




If you haven't noticed the trend by now, you can tell just by taking a look at my last two posts that textures are all the rage.  Faux fur, in the form of coats and scarves, and of course, velvet.   

Velvet, particularly in jewel tones, for your pants, dresses, tops, and shoes this season- it's everywhere.   It's such a super-soft but fun, playful texture.  You can't go wrong.  It's perfect for holiday parties or a weekend out, and I think a great trend to try without having to get too risky.  I paired it with a fitted body suit since velvet already adds a bit more volume to wherever you choose to wear it.


Shop my look below to get your own velvet and cozy faux-fur outfit...I'll be living in these pieces this winter!