Aspire to Inspire

long sleeves_redleather_jacket.jpg

Shirt - Zara
Trousers - Tibi
Bralette - Nastygal
Sunglasses - Haze Collection


I didn't realize my outfit that day would inspire, until a middle-aged woman, hands full of designer shopping bags, walked by and told me she wanted to be me.  I was flattered, but a bit taken aback, slightly thrown.  Because the truth was, that I always had wanted to be her.

I never had a good answer when I was asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
I didn't say doctor or nurse, teacher, actress.  I felt like that would have been faking it.  I really didn't know.  I felt bad for not knowing.  
And now I realize - it's because you are never solely one thing.  Nor should anyone ever strive to be defined as one particular thing.  Society plants these seeds in young minds, that you should work in your life to be that one thing, that label for your grown up self.  Those seeds, in actuality, are limiting.  By setting those expectations, many of our peers have developed this feeling of anxiety and ineptitude surrounding the topic of whether or not we are where we "should" be in our 20s & 30's.
Perhaps the question should be, "How much do you want to be.."?
How great do you want to be, at the many things that you will do? Because we are not defined by a singular profession.  The one career goal that we achieve should not the benchmark by which we measure our success, and call it a day.  Rather, a slice of the pie we're cooking (is that a term?  I don't know, but I said it, and it is now). 
What do you think? Did you have an answer for that infamous question we were all asked as children? I think most of us are still working on that.  And we should be ok with it.  


Full circle: Who knew the woman passing our shoot in the street would lead to a tangent off to such realizations?  Certainly neither she nor I.  Thanks for inspiring my post, cool lady.


Photos by Dennis Christians