The underthing trend + Taco Tuesday


Just as I like to double the functionality of a swimsuit, I also enjoy a good bodysuit that can comfortably be worn as a daytime look.  Walking down the street in NYC, one may notice that the once-risqué idea of wearing lingerie and sleepwear as part of an outfit is now a slowly (well, rapidly) flourishing trend.  Sometimes done right, other times a potential disaster.  What defines the line between a trendy, current, and palatable look vs. something reminiscent of Julia Roberts' character pre-Pretty Woman-makeover? How do you turn an underthing into an... outterthing?

Under a pair of relaxed boyfriend jeans and a men's style button-down, my snug-fitting (but incredibly comfortable) CK bodysuit feels balanced and a little less risqué.  Sexy heels complete a look that may might have otherwise been overwhelmed by an abundance of male-counterpart-influenced clothing.  
While I may have borrowed from his closet, the style is mine.


Of course, I can't be at this place and not have the amazing tacos! It just wouldn't be right.  
And I'm always trying to do the right thing.  

Shoutout to La Esquina & Chef Fabian for being awesome
while making my favorite tacos in this city.  


Photos by Dennis Christians