Layer Game


Sweatshirt/skirt/boots - Zara


A valuable styling trick, both functional and on-trend, layering is especially necessary in this very moody and unpredictable weather we are currently experiencing.  So you might as well embrace it and learn to do so stylishly.  

The beauty of it is that you can play with so many shapes and colors, textures, that the possibilities are infinite.  You can choose a couple of different hues to create a colorblock look like I did, you can mix prints, or go monochrome (see my last post!).   

I have to admit: I cheated a bit here.  This sweatshirt/white shirt combo is actually one top!   I found it at Zara but I've linked several options below for you to shop, as well as some burgundy knee-high boot options- another trend not going away anytime soon.

Also, the lipcolor is a mix of Vampy and Bold Berry Velvet Matte Lipstick from e.l.f.! I wanted to share this because it was a very unexpected combination I tried last minute and I love how it came out.  Not to mention the amazing smooth and creamy texture of this lipstick.  Seriously.  Trust me on this one.  At only 3 bucks a pop (yes three!!), why not grab a new color or two for the weekend? Live a little.  It's small luxuries like this that make my week.

So... the moral of today's blog post is *layering* if you didn't already get that.  Layer the clothes and layer the lips.  Discover winning combinations.  Then come back and share them with me. ;)


Happy friday! 




Photos by Dennis Christians