Silky & Timeless Wardrobe Staples

As I develop my style and build my wardrobe, if there's one thing I've learned, it's the importance of having staples that are versatile and made of high quality materials.  I have my guilty pleasures with fast fashion, but as we learn more and more about what is happening in this world and how all of our actions have direct effect, it's hard not to be conscious of your purchases.  
I'm happy to have recently discovered Ravella's beautiful Italian-designed shirts.  When I discovered they were made of 100% silk and of the best quality, I had to try them out.  Not only are they gorgeous, they're well made and will take you anywhere from casual lounging to holiday-party-ready.  I especially love a good camisole top for layering, over and over. 


The one I'm wearing here is the Amalfi Silk Tank in Caviar Black.  Great for a lazy Saturday lounging st a coffee shop or at home.  I love a top that you can wear at home but still feel good in.  There's something about silk that makes one feel classic, sexy, and powerful all at the same time.  I do a lot of work from home, and what's on your skin creates your mood and how you feel about yourself, and this transcends into all you do and what you create that day.  It's funny that we sometimes have to be reminded- but we need to take good care of ourselves, and that includes treating ourselves once in a while.  Ravella's buttery soft and super luxurious top did just that for me.


For a holiday look, pair it with a fun pair of sequin pants or a fabulous eye-catching skirt.  Dressed-up but still comfortable is always my favorite option.

Head over to to see more beautiful silk options.  They've got a presale happening until December 17th, so I highly recommend you take advantage of the discounts now.  Have a beautiful week!


This post was sponsored by Ravella, all thoughts and opinions are my own