My Holiday hangover beauty secret



TL;DR: Use a face mask before bed! Favorites are here ranging from $6-25 a pop and ALL cheaper than a spa treatment. (Note: the Purlisse one lists at $36 but that's for a set of 6!)

I'm just here relaxing on the last day of the year with one of my sheet masks, part of a collection that I've developed a bit of an obsession with.  I'm laying here planning in my head for tonight's regimen, after I stumble in tipsy from whatever celebratory activities I end up partaking in.  So I figured, why not share it?
I now have this mission to do whatever I can to avoid looking like death the day after a night of fun, because to me that's one of the worst feelings-  waking up feeling dehydrated, exhausted, and in multiple forms of discomfort and unease-- and then looking into the mirror to see your face perfectly matches your feelings.  Typically I'll go into rescue & recovery mode, reaching for the huge bottle of water, grabbing a bagel and popping some Advil, then washing up and slathering on whatever moisturizer I can followed by some brightening products and a good dose of foundation to pull myself together.

Though I try not to have too many nights that will lead to mornings like this, I work in an industry where inevitably it still happens.  Let alone that I frequent these events after a 12 hour shift and subsequently wake up at 5am again to go back to work.  Given the fact that this is my current lifestyle, I've decided recently to make some changes in favor of prevention and optimization, for the sake of my skin.

With all of the beauty experimenting and new product testing that I do, I've found a favorite routine that I quite enjoy: night time sheet masks.  I'm sure most of you have heard all the rave about Korean beauty that seems to have brought on this obsession, and I want to share my best way to go about this particular method.  

Usually I put the mask on at night after my shower, when the pores are open, and go to bed with it on.  The cooling feeling is super relaxing, and it's easy to fall asleep with it on.  Oftentimes I end up pulling the mask off in the middle of the night while I am tossing and turning, which is totally fine because the recommendation on the package says 20-30 minutes anyway.  Either way, when you wake up, you feel amazing and refreshed with bright, hydrated skin.  

Now, when we are talking about coming in from a night with the girls or after having some drinks at happy hour, this can't always be the case.  You might be lucky if you put your pjs on the right way.
My proposal to you is to try this:
Take off your makeup and wash your face.  
Get some pj's on.  
Grab a sheet mask and a bottle of water (take a sip. or actually...chug it)
Put said mask on.
Pass out.

Instead of waking up with a pale, dry, and rugged-looking face,  you wake up with skin that looks like you slept well, with good color, even brightened and supple.  You may have a headache but faking it will be all that much easier.  Bonus: grab a fresh-pressed juice first thing when you go out.

What better way to start off the new year than with an amazing feel-good skin routine? Try it tonight.  You'll thank me tomorrow.  And then keep doing it.  You thank me again in a month.  

Happy new year everyone, be safe and stay warm tonight!