Pushing Boundaries


Jumpsuit - Zara
Clutch - Lina Casale


 Energy exudes from the walls of the streets.  Every corner you turn, only mildly bound by the rules of two dimensions- restrictions through which artistic outer limits nearly reach past- in the form of shapes and line combinations of infinite summations. 

If you love art and vivid colors, you can never get bored walking through parts of Brooklyn like Williamsburg. 

...And then you find yourself at a taco party where Topshop also happens to be hosting a pop-up shop featuring their newest fall looks, and accompanied by their wonderful personal shoppers.  Did you even know Topshop had a great personal shopping service?  I didn't until I'd arrived at the place where I thought margaritas were going to be the best part of the night.  No, no.  Margaritas and shopping... plus tacos.  Heaven on Wythe.  I couldn't resist but to try to a jacket in a color I loved.  No, I did not realize it would be the exact shade of my hair.


Thank you Topshop!