Outfit - Daniel Silverstain
Shoes - Asos
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters


New York is the kind of place that connects you with people you might never otherwise encounter. 

Daniel Silverstain, for example.  A brilliant designer who grew up in Israel and whose designs are inspired by the city of Tel Aviv and its iconic structures. 

I stopped by his pop up shop this weekend on 120 Thompson St. and got to play with some of the clothes.  I fell in love with this jacket immediately.  Though- I love most of the clothes he creates, as they all appeal to my affinity for technical, edgy, cool-girl aesthetic. 

That's pretty much how I felt as soon as I put this jacket on.  Its lightness in weight does not compromise its capacity for character and ultimate-cool.  With its asymmetrical zipper and collar, this is no boring way to cover up.  You don't have to try much further after you zip it up. 

His pieces are like wearable art, and make you immediately want to save up to own a part of it.  Lucky for you, I've got some info on a sample sale coming up hosted by AMCO NYC this week.  I highly recommend you check it out, even if it's just to see his designs.  The sale runs from Thursday 5/26 to Sunday 5/29 and you can see details here.

I feel it's such a different experience to touch and see clothing in person- even more so now that we are in an age in which online shopping is prevalent.  I often shop without an end goal of buying something specific.  There's a difference when you shop for leisure and to really appreciate the experience.  To get up close and personal with the clothes and get a true feel for the designer and the vision they're communicating through threads, seams, materials, zips...

Not everyone is into fashion (hopefully you are though if you're reading my blog!) but anyone can appreciate this city and get out of it all that it's worth- and much of it is by way of being open, to ideas, culture, and the people you may meet.  I have the amazing privilege of living here and I try to never take it for granted. long as I've been here (my entire life)...I still have not tired of it.

Not only do I get to learn about a place like Tel Aviv through hearing about Daniel's experiences, but I'm able to connect with a city I've never been to, and may never get the chance to see- through his eyes, his art, and his ideas.  To me, that is truly amazing.


What do you love about this city? Or about the city you call home?  Would love to hear about it.




Daniel was named one of the Best Emerging Designers in 2016 by Marie Claire, one of "10 Most Promising Designers" by Vogue Italy in 2012,  and won the Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion comoetition with his Spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection last year.