Girls brunch at the Conrad

What young girl doesn't fantasize about living out th life of at least one of four best friends from the classic tv show about all things girly in the big city? My blogger friends and I got together and had a Sex and the City themed brunch at the Conrad Hotel and it was fabulous.

When my friend Martha invited me for this fantastic idea, of course I was all about it.  I had actually been wanting to try a special item of theirs for quite sometime- those amazing looking prosecco-pop cocktails that they serve at their rooftop lounge.  And let me tell you, they taste as good as they look.  Plus, when do I ever turn down brunch? It's one of my favorite meals.

A friend of mine asked me a while back about "that whole brunch deal" that we do here.  I said, what do you mean? "Like, what do yo do, why is it such a big deal in New York?"  This is when I learned that some cities DON'T DO BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH.  Ok, excuse me for a minute while I have a first world moment.  I could never live in a city without bottomless brunch.  I never imagined a life without brunch, nor do I ever want to.

What's the big deal? Aside from the endless number of ways restaurants exercise their culinary creativity on the meal hybrid of eggs, breakfast sweets, and savory lunch items, there's a huge social aspect that has developed into on the of major characteristics of this city's culture.  I just love getting out on a beautiful day and enjoying food and drinks with friends, sitting outside in the sun when the weather is nice, people watching.

Anyway, the food here in this beautiful hotel was delicious.  Truffle in the monte cristo?  Who knew that dish could get more indulgent.  And that french toast was crunchy-crust perfection.  Taking all this in with the live jazz music in the background completed the atmosphere.  Next time you need a spot for a girls' day with a little bit swank, check this place out.