Stars & Ruffles

Birthdays can be funny.  One may get caught in a slump about getting older (usually that happens sometime after...hmm..21?) and need a bit of a self-reminder that there's plenty to be grateful about.  Something that often helps: A fabulous dress and a pair of treat-yourself shoes.  

I was lucky enough to be the first to wear this incredible dress from Layana Aguilar's gorgeous Spring 2017 collection.  Layana debuted her lovely pieces back in September at her New York Fashion Week presentation.  Recently, I got an up-close-and-personal look during a visit to the store where she currently carries her collection in SoHo.

The idea behind the collection revolves around the power of the female spirit, as represented by the hummingbirds you can see on my dress, and incorporated throughout the pieces.  Small but resilient animals, this little bird was the designer's icon for the collection.

Layana cut her neoprene in a perfectly thought-out way which makes the wearer feel just that- happy yet powerful.  The structure of the dress perfectly hugs the female body; ruffles act as waving vessels through which the woman exudes feminine vibrance. 


I could go on about her gorgeous, cool, fun pieces, but you can also go and check them out for yourself.  This dress and the rest of her spring collection will be available in a few weeks for preorder, but you can head to Flying Solo now and check out her fall clothing, like this amazing tie front skirt.  While you're there, scope out the other awesome designers that are also housing their current collections in the concept store.

Circling back to birthdays...  All I have to say is celebrate yourself.  The people in your life who are near and dear to you will always celebrate you, but in the end, the most fulfilling thing is being able to appreciate yourself.  To be honest, this is not about a birthday, it's about the everyday.  



Photos by Greg Routt