And we're back...from NYFW!

I'm back from the whirlwind of a week that is New York Fashion Week.  I'm exhausted, inspired, and full of ideas.  I want to share everything with you all at once, but that would be overwhelming.  I actually started my NYFW the day before official "Day 1", so I am going to start with "Day 0" and take you through.  Hope you find some inspiration as well - let me know what you think!
*All NYFW photos are mine unless otherwise specified


Day 0

My NYFW kicked off with Daniel Silverstain.  Futuristic cool with asymmetric yet clean lines, whites and neutrals with splashes of colors, and several metallic pieces mixed in.  Hair was sleek with cool braids spiked into structural slicked back ponies.  The futuristic tribal feel that was emitted from the clothing was completed by the simple dotted white eye makeup. 
The aesthetic of this collection spoke to me and my style because it is innovative and creative in textiles and structure- without going overboard.  Much like the Silverstain jacket that I own and happened to wear to his show.

How To Wear a Fancy Dress During the Day

You may remember this dress that I'd worn previously with an elaborate neckpiece that was nowhere near subtle.  Well, I always try to re-wear and restyle my pieces in new ways, so that I get the most out of them, but no one will even notice I wore it twice (because in the age of social media- gasp! Who wants that?). 
This time, I paired my dress with Daniel's jacket, and along with my metallic Adidas to downplay the dress that, by itself, would have been worn to a fancier occasion.  If you're going to wear a long dress to anything other than a formal party or wedding, balance is necessary.  Heels are overkill and flats are casual, but not quite flattering with the maxi length.  Sneakers portray the casual-cool chic look in a clearly intentional way. 

More updates on my week continue here tomorrow!


*I was unable to find a link to my exact model of Adidas, but I will be opening my shop where I will be selling them soon, so keep an eye out!