Curacao Blue

Dress - Haute Hippie

Happy July! Finally, we are in the peak of summer.  I always wonder whether it's the warming temps themselves that make us love this season, or the nostalgia associated with the months we were let out of school to do whatever our hearts desired.  Rollerblading, bike riding, sand castles at the beach, 'Steal the Bacon' on the lawn! The days... smartphone app and #hashtag free.
We are also welcomed to this month with a much-awaited long weekend filled with barbecues and fireworks, beaches and pool-side lounging.  You can almost smell the searing of steak and wings on the grill as the month turns.  

Clearly the important question for this soon-approaching weekend is: What am I going to wear?! Stars? Stripes? Red, white, blue...all of the above?! 
I've chosen a selection of perfectly patriotic summer dresses fit for this weekend of July 4th festivities.  I'm not one for flag shirts, but I will certainly sport some stripes and a color-themed palette.  

Enjoy the weekend! xoxo


Photos by Tony Yang