Casual Chic Fridays + Weekends

Sweatshirt - Elizabeth and James
Jeans - Iro (on sale!)
Shoes - Kathryn Amberleigh

Weekends.  You don't wanna dress up, but you want to look cute for brunch.  Sweats sound great, but you want to avoid looking like a bum.  
Solution: keep the sweatshirt.  Throw on jeans, add heels.  This is a perfect Friday look because it's still the weekday but you're just about ready to throw the towel in- and still appropriate through Sunday.  A pair of fun heels (like these cool velvety ones) will instantly turn your comfy sweatshirt outfit into what you can call a "casual chic" look.  Added bonus: plenty of room left to binge on truffle fries and pizza without anyone even noticing. 
Oh, and as you can see- it's not just any old sweatshirt.  Wearing a sweatshirt with quality material or a little bit of structure will distinguish the difference between sloppy and "casual chic".  Embellishments don't hurt either.  (This little sample sale find made me want to dust off the bedazzler and hit up the craft store to bling up the rest of my sweatshirts.  I refrained.)  I did score this top at a sample sale, but I've found some similar pieces you can check out below.  Go forth and find your comfortable chicness.


Photos by Dennis Christians