Welcome to Japan

Konnichiwa, from Japan! I have been traveling around the land of the rising sun for my very first time, and this place is just magical.  It's another world in so many ways, it's hard to find a place to begin.  Why not start with the street style?  As soon as I arrived here, I could see the colorful, light, and animated character in everything- their environment, their personalities, and especially the way they dress.  The biggest compliment you can get is for someone to tell you that you are "kawaii".  The word means "cute", and cute is big in Japan.  Basically they substitute the word for everything that we would describe as "cool", "awesome", or "beautiful".  Check out some of my first shots of Japan street style below.  These photos are from Kyoto, the old city, where people are a bit more conservative and traditional, wearing many pale neutrals and flat shoes and wedges, but still cute, or "kawaii".

Top - H&M//Shorts - Rag&bone//Sneakers - Converse
Tote - Lowry's Farm

I tend to keep my travel style basic, as I am always doing tons of walking, especially when I am going out to sites in a place like an old city.  The sheer tank helps me stay cool in this hot and humid climate.  And sneakers are an obvious choice for me to prepare for climbing many temple steps and walking many streets.  Though I often see girls in heels at the sites; I don't know how they do it.

The tote was a gift-with-purchase from a popular clothing store here in Japan.  More on that later.

Another thing I love about this place is the abundance of beautiful and exotic looking flowers everywhere, lining the streets, outside small shops, even on busy roads where you wouldn't expect it.  Some are intoxicatingly fragrant and just add to the senses which cumulatively are almost overwhelming to take in all at once.  Yet they complete the experience and bring to you the happy peacefulness that is Japan.

More to come.  Stay tuned!