Dressing for the weather

Shorts - Guess
Top - H&M
Trench coat - Front Row
Hat - Topshop


This unseasonably warm weather  can get our wardrobes acting as confused as our thermometers.   It's always a funny time to me, watching people in the streets and seeing what they're wearing.  Puffy coat and Uggs to your right, light cardigan and flip-flops to your left.  What month are we in again?

When the temps rise uncharacteristically as they have been in the recent weeks, I like to take advantage and get creative, and one way I do so is by playing with lengths.  Shorts with a trench coat make an unexpected outfit to match the unexpected weather.  We may be far past summer, but you can still wear shorts paired  with some cool booties, with a cool wide brim hat for when the wind gusts pick up.