Undiscovered Greece


Romper - Sabo Skirt
Sandals - Asos
Sunglasses - Spctcl
Bag - Zara

I'm back from a summer break in Greece, and it was undoubtedly beautiful.  I've got much to share, and would like to shed light on places that get less attention, and deserve more appreciation.

We visited several cities, driving from the countryside to the city and then making my way over to the islands that are so famous for their sunsets.  While most of you know of, and have seen plenty of photos of, and/or already visited Santorini, there's another island that holds much history and beauty: the island of Crete.

Upon arriving by ferry to this quietly calm, lush, destination, you feel immediately transformed by the serenity of the island.  Surrounded by clear blue waters, you will not find the signature blue and white architecture of Santorini, rather a natural abundance of vegetation: greens, purples, and pinks lining mountainsides and ancient stone structures.  

We stayed mostly in the port area of Chania, but several other stops are worth a visit.  Day trips to the beach of Elafonisi (which I will share later), or neighboring Rethymno are easily done.  Above is a photo from a castle I visited where much of the old Venetian influence can be seen.  Venetian influence also remains in the many Italian restaurants you pass by, scattered amongst the Greek family businesses. 

For travel, I love a one-piece, which includes packing a few rompers because they're such an easy, effortless look.  I paired this gold one from Sabo Skirt with sandals I got from Asos -- which surprisingly turned out to be super comfortable.  The best pleasant surprise for a shopaholic like myself.  And how cute are they?! I've officially given into the pom-pom adornment trend of the summer.  I've linked the sandals below along with several others to replicate this look.  Oh, and everything I've listed is $60 or less.




Around The Corner (from work)


Sunglasses - Lowin
Sneakers - Adidas Originals
Scrubs - c/o hospital

I'm sitting here laughing at myself a bit, because I had said to myself back in the beginning that I'd never post myself in scrubs on this site.  It was always meant to be an outlet, an escape from the more serious and stressful part of my life.  Yet here I've ended up today. 

I was at the opening of La Esquina's new Upper East Side location the other day.  First of all, it's La Esquina, which is not only one of the best & original taco spots in the city, but a name that is quintessential New York, rich in its own history.  Whenever a cool spot brings its downtown energy near my generally-expensive and once-culinarily-limited workplace neighborhood (it's getting better), I jump for joy.  Certainly...this one is the coolest yet. 
Second, the interior of the place is so non-typical Upper-East-Side that immediately after one walks in, you feel transported and transformed.  
I had to find a way to convey this contrast, and the experience I felt of the establishment's ability to really change your mood, to quickly dissolve thoughts from the 12-hour shift one may have just finished, and kick up your feet with a Jarritos while you anxiously await the tacos being cooked up on the open grill in the back of the resto. 
So- you bet I took on the opportunity to create something new, in order to share this with you all.  And now, coming full circle, the clothes from which I had used this platform to originally escape, made their way back and became a vessel for an even more unique, creative concept on this blog. 

Who woulda thought?

Photos by Dennis Christians
Special thanks to La Esquina